Jan 8, 2010

Cold short update

This is not a standard blog but a short update from the cold dark RV.
First experience of dry camping unprepared in the coldest day of the year.
Friday, January 8, 2010 – By 4:00AM this morning the water froze. I did not disconnect the shore water and the hose froze. Not so worried about the hose (you can get them very cheap at WALMART) but more about the pipes inside and the water heater. But wait  this is not the end…
At around 5:30AM the shore power went out, and so as our heating source. We do not have generator (at least nor yet). The temperatures started to drop fast inside the RV so I turned on the furnace.
It is 7:15AM right now. The battery is on 50%, and I am not sure how much propane we have. The power did not come back yet and I am sitting crossing my freezing fingers. It is 55 degrees inside and 27 outside, much colder than the weather forecast predicted.
If the power will not come back shortly I will have to turn off the furnace. We can go and sit in the car (or drive somewhere) but I am afraid of damage in the RV.
In front of me the sun is rising. I didn’t get to see the sunrise for a long long time. That’s pretty.
BolivarSunrise 002-1
Update: 7:30AM – Power came back. two heaters and a furnace are working together to get the temperature back up. already 58 and climbing. That’s good :) Updates will follow.

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