Jan 14, 2010

Texas style Marathon

This blog is going to be 90% pictures and 10% fluff. You can skip the fluff or read in between.  We love this town and can’t wait for the W/E to see Big Bend.

Discovering Marathon

Marathon Campground

Marathon is a small town, but very unique in the way ir preserves this western style in the streets, the building and the overall atmosphere of the town. As small as it is, we found that there are 5 geo caches within 5 miles of the town.
We loaded our GPS with the waypoints, got on our bike and there we were riding on the empty road of the western town of marathon.
The first cache was actually in the campground, but we did not find it yet. We found all the rest though. instead, I took some pictures of this jewel place. So let the picture talk:

Geocaching Marathon

Thursday, January 14, 2010 – As we rode our bike around town, and to some nice park 5 miles south, I tried to capture some highlight points and transfer this special feeling we had while staying here. These are just few photos. You need to click on the link to see the full album.

Closing the day

We came back to the campground through the French Grocer store, where the last cache was hidden, and after buying few ingredients for dinner. Our neighbors left and we were the only RV around. I had to capture this moment, so I took the iPhone and took this photo:
MarathonTX 001
I stepped into the RV and connected the iPhone to my computer so I can download the pictures. As this single photo was downloading, I heard some Diesel humming. From the left. No, from the right. No from the… Well – from all around. So I went out again, and took this photo:
MarathonTX 002
We have neighbors. 4 of them to be exact. We are happy family :)
Turned out to be great – this people are very nice, and we really enjoy company. It was just funny how I bragged we had the whole campground to ourselves. And we did. For good 6 minutes!
Later just before sunset I took some pictures right from the RV through the back window. No doubt – beautiful sunset! so here they are:
MarathonTX 005
MarathonTX 004
MarathonTX 008
MarathonTX 009

Short term planning

Next week on Tuesday we are planning to get our RV maintained at Camping World in Anthony. We will drive through Columbus, NM to Bisbee AZ and help a little at Belle’s ranch. After that it is considered long term plans, and it is out of scope of this document :)

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