Jan 7, 2010

The Arctic fun begins

Colder days are expected all over the US, and they are Now and here. From now and until Sunday night it is going to be the coldest temperature we camped so far. Grrrrr… Brrrr…

Camera Doctor

Wednesday, January 6 2010 Still warm outside. We are checking the weather channel hysterically every 3 min and 17 seconds. I am not sure why. I just don’t need any frozen pipes, torn slide protectors or any other evil that this weather can cause.
This is the first week after the holidays and business is starting to pick up. We have some work to do, so we are not going anywhere.
I decided to clean my camera today and by mistake scratched the focusing screen. Looking through the eye finder is looks pretty bad. Nikon repair service would not give me a clue as of how much or how long it is going to take. “Send it and we will give you an estimate”, they said.
Opened Google Maps, Googled Camera Repair and one of the first entries that popped up was Camera Doctor in Houston. There was one closer but it had bad reviews. Houston is almost two hours from here, and it is 3:30 now…
Galveston 002 I jumped into the truck and started driving. at 4:50 I was still 30 minutes away, so I called the store and explained the situation. The guy that answered the phone promised to wait. I arrived to a small store close to downtown Houston. The store had many cameras in displays, all very old – from the time I was a kid! The ‘doctor’ who seem to be the owner of the store was very kind and fixed it right then and there. I was extremely happy – even the price was right. Thanks Doc.
The drive back was worse – much worse – I was right in the rush hour going out of town sharing the road with million other Texas cars. It took me over 3 hours to drive back, but I had my camera with me – fixed!
Patti cooked cabbage rolls with her secret wonderful sauce (she calls this dish pigs in the blanket) and fresh biscuits. I love Patti’s cooking – and I will try anything she makes. 99% of the time it is excellent! the remaining 1% is simply amazing :) Am I biased, or what?

Just another workday

Thursday, January 7, 2010 – I struggled all day today with some technical problem at work. Could not get WebDav to work for Tomcat on Window 7 – 64bit. Can you help? any idea anyone? :) just kiddin… but it took almost all my day, and I still did not figure it out.
Galveston 001 Tonight the temperatures started to drop and the wind picked up. The RV is rocking all day (although we listen only to country). The electric heaters can not keep the RV hot, but I think it is more because of the wind drifting in and not the cold temperature. The temperature inside dropped from 72 to 68 in the last couple hours, and it is 32 outside. I am so happy we are not getting colder than 30 degrees, and even that is only for couple nights.
To feel a little better I always go to check the weather in my home state – Minnesnowta and boy I am so happy I am not there. Here is what I found tonight on weatherbug:

So wherever you are, my friend, be happy you are not in MN - Unless, of course - you are :D
Looking into the weekend the temperatures look much better on Sunday night, and even Saturday night, so we thought we will drive to Big Bend, but the way there is over 700 miles, and there is place in the middle with decent temperatures until Monday, so we are stuck here for another weekend. Maybe we will visit the space center in Houston. Will see.

You are actually reading this

Last – The blog is growing :) and this is because of you. Yes, yes – you.
A warm welcome to Karen from South Georgia, who became a follower. she moved from Tampa to GA, and actually plans to become fulltimer one day. Thank you for joining Karen, and welcome!
Serena told me that she will be happy to contribute recipes to the blog, now this is not amateur – Serena is a pro! so we will all look forward to it – thanks Serena!
And if you like this blog – become a follower (using the Google Friends or Facebbok links on the sidebar) – this way I will know you are there, and feel free to post your comments.

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  1. Motty, I found your blog from a comment you left on mine, and have been lurking since then. I read your posts with a mixture of amusement and horror, and try to remember if we were ever so GREEN in the ways of fulltime RV'ing! (Yes, we were - we just weren't blogging back then!)

    Question: are Patti's recipes on your blog somewhere? Lot's of cooks out here - I'd love it if you would throw in a recipe now and then.

    Safe travels,