Dec 31, 2009

Times Runs Slow in Texas

Last blog for 2009. Summarizing the year and looking forward to a better year to come. In this blog there is also an important request I pass to you from a fellow RVer – so please read on.


Al, who writes the “Travel with the Bayfield Bunch:))” Blog, wrote this week a blog that touched me very much. I will not say too much about this specific blog except provide the link since you can go there and read it yourself, but I will say that much: This is a great opportunity to give a shoulder and show we are a caring and supporting community of RVers and it could be a wonderful win-win opportunity. so go ahead and read that blog here:
A word about Al’s blog – Al is very talented and has a very rich language and a great way to bring to live his experiences as a full time RVer. What makes Al’s blog stand out of the crowd is his photos. IMHO Al has a great photographer eye and his photos are “WOW”.

Cold Texan Welcome

iPhone 001 Thursday, December 31, 2009 – The last couple days just passed by eventless. We are in Texas but it is rainy cold and foggy. The campground we are in is a big disappointment for us. This is Bolivar Peninsula RV Park. The place was destroyed with Hurricane Ike and it looks like a construction site without bathrooms, showers, Internet or TV. All you see from the window are tractors and construction equipment. The only nice thing was that we were alone at this part of the campground, but the manager just came to inform me that I will have neighbors tomorrow. So even that is not an advantage anymore.

OK Stop crying! It is not that bad…

iPhone 004 This is our RV parked by itself on the corner of the park in front of the man-made lake. The mess is behind me :)
We are taking the time slow, catching up on some work, and hoping for better weather. Next week we are moving south to a state park, and I hope the sites there are better. I fixed up couple things around today, and we are pretty much back to normal. Even the espresso machine is up and running.

Closing the year

Tonight is New Year’s Eve, and we are not planning on doing anything special. Patti is making a nice dinner – a Lamb Shank with Mashed cauliflower so we will celebrate here inside the RV.
This last year was a very big change for us and it made a very big impact on our lives. This is the year we completely changed our plans and decided to become Full Timers. It is also the first time that we hurt financially and feel the recession impact, but luckily as full timers our expenses are way down and we still can make it.
We all hope for a much better year to come, so -

Happy New Year

A recovery from the recession, a better health, lot’s of happiness and fun!

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