Dec 25, 2009

Green Christmas in the south

Awkward start led to happy ending. I think it is all a state of mind.
I hope y’all had a great time today with your friends and family.  For us it was a very special day.
It was so great today to meet face to face wonderful people, that just like us, have the passion for nature, outdoors and full time RVing. Lotsa stories today, so read on

Murphy (in) Law was here

Friday, 12/25/2009 – In most houses, it is believed that Santa lands with his slay and leave gifts under the tree. I think that this weather is too warm for the reindeer, so Santa sent his in-law Murphy.
And has Murphy says: if something could go wrong… it will!
Yesterday I drove 3 hours (each way) to Camping World in Hammond, LA to get some parts and accessories, so today I thought would be perfect to install and fix those little things around the RV that needs attention.

So here is how it started

Level I started with the front giant level. This one needs to be installed on the arm that connects to the Fifth Wheel on the truck, but you need to drill holes in this thick metal. After breaking a screw in the whole, and trying to drill through it to get it out, while breaking 2 drill bits, the drill battery died. To top it - I realized that as I was struggling with it, I broke one of its plastic holders.
Storage Door CatchesNext, I thought – I will replace this little clip that hold the compartment door open. Simple task. Well, the screws are square, which requires a special bit, one of the screws was damaged, and after I finally took it off, I realized I don’t have a sealant to put under the new one.  Another job half done.
Patti, who woke up with a bad migraine today, was trying to cook for the Pot Luck tonight. She calls me from outside and tells me that the tanks is overflowing, the tank level monitor has died and we don’t have sewer hookup on this site. I left everything, emptied the grey water tank to the new external tank I just bought (that was real easy), and was going to haul it to the dump station, but guess what – the hitch ball disappeared from my truck. Not sure when it happened but it is not there.
Next, Patti decided to sweep the RV floor and looked for the folding broom we had in the old RV – I looked all over, but the broom is not there to find. Oh well – put that job aside. It is not alone there.
Thumb LockI tried to do the last thing left – replace those locks of the storage doors that get stuck and you need pliers to open them.  I hate those little things – When you want the door closed, they open up, and when you want it open – you need a giant pliers to turn it. So I take the old one out, and try to put the new ones in, but the thread is too short for that door. Hmm.
At this point I was afraid to touch anything. I thought if I will pet my dog he will piss on the carpet. With my luck, If I will kiss my wife I will turn to a frog. You get the point, right?

Don’t cry – it will get better

I try not to let things like that get to me (but I don’t always succeed, to be honest). Frustrated I just dropped anything and took a break from the day.
But then things started to turn around.
I put all the tools away, and found the broom as I was doing it, I charged the drill, fixed the level with this Gorilla glue, and came in to help Patti cook for tonight. She had a bad migraine today. Even the monitor came back to life and started functioning again.
I peeled maybe 15 potatoes, cut them and filled to pans with water and potatoes. I cut all the vegetables for the Israeli Salad and chopped cilantro. We had about 45 minutes before the Pot Luck started. Patti took over at this point, while I loaded the table and chairs to the truck. I was looking forward to meet these people, and got very excited.

First Christmas Alone

Since I am with Patti, in the last 10 years we have celebrate the holidays mostly in the North, so usually we have a white Christmas. We did it in MN, PA, IN, VA and even one year in Israel, but we always had the kids around us. a big tree and gifts are overflowing around.
This is the first time that it is Patti and I solo, and I think it was a little hard on Patti not seeing the kids around.

If RVers are like the people I met today –
I am proud to be part of a great community

XMAS_2009 001At 2:00PM all the people that got registered were there helping and arranging for the ‘event’. There was Turkey and Ham, Jambalaya and Green Bean Casserole, Mashed Potatoes and Devilled Eggs, 2 kinds of salads,  Oysters, and lots of wine. Food was plenty and more than enough.
But more importantly – we met all those people that were relaxed, laid back, happy and content, and full of travel stories. One couple came from Canada, and they actually lived in a sail boat and traveled around the world. Another couple came from Maine, and one couple actually lived in a Mount Zion National Park in Utah. We even had a one guy that grew up in this area.
XMAS_2009 003 The conversation was flowing and went all over. Health insurance issues and the impact of the new law on people on the road. A comparison with our Canadian neighbors, stories from different parks, campgrounds and towns that you don’t want to miss.
I think that the strongest feeling I had with these great people was a feeling of being part. Although I don’t know them, I felt a very strongly I am part of this great group, and experienced a mixture of pride and happiness.
At some point, Patti has left the group and went back to the RV. The migraine was just too strong for her to deal with. I feel so  sorry when it happens, especially when it ruins Patti’s plans. it must be so frustrating for her.
After a while the temperature dropped and it started to get a little chilly outside. We moved to one of the camping sites, and set around the fire for couple more hours enjoying ourselves, the company and the wine.
XMAS_2009 006

Wine in the desert

BTW – they all LOVED Jon’s, my friends’ dessert wine – Sephardy Red. and Jon – if you read this – it is dessert wine, not desert wine :)

Souvenir from this great day:



  1. Very nice motty, I enjoy reading your blog...

  2. It's a great Christmas Story! The pictures are AWESOME in this blog!! I love the souvenir. A green Christmas sounds nice!

  3. Motty, I found your blog through comments you left on mine. What fun! I haven't had time to explore it yet, but plan to look around. I really enjoyed your Christmas post - oh, those repairs around the rig can be SO crazy! Safe travels, you two.