Dec 18, 2009

8 days of Mississippi Chanukah rain

Celebrating in the RV

Friday 12/11/2009 - We left Alabama on Friday afternoon, The evening before the first day of Chanukah. The way to Indian Point RV Resort was sweet and short – less then 2 hours. We even had time to go to WAL-MART and get some groceries before we light the first candle.

Chanukah 001Patti, cooking in the new kitchen for the first time, has made Chanukah doughnuts and Potato Pancakes (Latkes) and opened the holiday table cloth, napkins and plates she bought especially for Chanukah.
Great evening celebrating the many faces of the holiday.  New Place in a New house.
We slowly started to get organized in the RV and the mess of the first few days disappeared. Even Dell sent their technician to the RV to fix the laptop. That saved me from sending the laptop out and being without a computer for few days. That was nice.
Thursday 12/17/2009 - Mississippi 014It has been a whole week, and the weather was nothing but rain. Lots of it. We could not get out and explore or see anything and I am eager to go out, and see some alligators. The campground itself is nice and well established. It has a restaurant and a Cafe, and the WiFi is pretty good. There are several bathrooms and showers throughout the campground, although they could have been a little cleaner.Mississippi 016
There is a river flowing through the campground (They call it bayou) with a warning sign about alligators. Whenever we take Moe for a walk we walk by the water, maybe we will get to see one, but we did not have too much luck yet. 
Tomorrow is the last day of Chanukah – Full menorah, and we hope to take advantage this weekend of the rain break and see some places before we move on west.

The Cowboy Jew who saved Chanukah

Friday 12/18/2009 Friday again. Tonight is last candle and Patti is making special dinner. It was colder outside (High  of upper 40’s) so we did not go anywhere, just stayed in the RV and worked. At about 4:00 PM Patti’s phone is ringing. It is the lady from the campsite. We had reservation until today and forgot to extend it, and now our site is already given to someone else.
Chanukah 010 I drive to the office and explain to the lady that it is the last day of Chanukah and my wife is cooking dinner and it will ruin the holiday if we move. The other guest is apparently on site already waiting for me to move, so the lady calls him and explains the situation. They agree to wail until tomorrow. Chanukah is saved!
Oh, she says, by the way – you have a package here. She hands me the package and I open it – It is a new decoration lamp I ordered. I show it to her. “Do you like it? It matches the western theme of my RV” I ask. She looks confused, thinks for a minute and say: Are you really Jewish? I guess when you think of Jewish you probably don’t picture someone who travels in an RV western style… Without the Penguin suit. That was funny.
iPhone 001 Patti cooked Turkey Legs in her home-made from-scratch top-secret Bar-B-Que sauce, with brussels sprouts and Cauliflower, and we opened a bottle of strawberry kiwi zinfandel.
After that bog meal – for the grand finale of the holiday, Patti fried blackberry jelly, chocolate topped Chanukah doughnuts.
Now I need to figure our how to get out of the door…

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  1. that is so nice...
    you are probably so fat, I won't recognize you!!
    you see - miracles happens in Chanukah - you stay at the campsite!!
    you should be proud of your wife that cooks so well..