Jul 27, 2011

It has been a week already

Hard to believe but it has already been a full week since I came back from CA with my son. When you don’t think about it, is seems like the time flies, yet on the other hand it feels like my son is living here forever. Turmoil and storms are calming down and dust is setting as our life starting to shape its new tracks with the wheels of time.

Blue Bloom in our back yard

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 – it was exactly a week ago when we went to court, got our freedom and flew back home. Since then many things have changed and still are changing, but in a slower pace and a more relaxing manner.

Chicken Tika Masala for ShabbatIn the first few days, my son simply slept in an air mattress in a temporary setting in his new room. He got his computer by the bed and was happy as can be. The next day we went and bought him a new TV, although we could not connect it yet. That was another huge step for him, as now he got the computer connected to a big screen TV with the XBOX, all controlled from a remote keyboard and mouse. The only activity is moving his fingers on the remote and his eyeballs….

Building the roomThe biggest change came on the weekend. Patti and I went and bought a full bedroom set for my son, and a new living room couch – so the huge space by the kitchen has a sitting area now. Not a table yet,. but at least we can sit.

My son helped me all weekend setting up his new room that includes a queen bed, a dresser a chest and a night stand. This is a first time for him to own a brand new bedroom and he is so proud in his new kingdom that he never goes out… We have a daily meeting for dinner at the table…

So slowly things are starting to fall into shape.

Shabbat DinnerPatti does not feel good lately, and the Lupus causes her lots of pain headaches and on top of that she caught a cold.  This never prevented Patti to skip work, and although she was actually sent home today from work to rest – she sat and worked from home. That is Patti. I try to let her rest as much as possible, but until this flare would pass, she will not be able to resume normal life. I hope that would come soon.

Next week we are planning to get our belongings here (finally) and get the RV out of the shop (yeah – still in repair). Sometime this summer I hope to be able to go and get my boat from PA, but with the weather here in WA, it seem like the summer is 15 minutes long, all the rest is fall and winter… so I am not sure I will have enough time to enjoy the boat here.

I still miss the RV life very much, and wish I could be hiking or camping somewhere. I can relate so much to Al and Kelly (The Bayfield Bunch) when Al explains can’t wait to go back to the RV trip for the winter. I am not even a snow bird now – just a city guy..


  1. Maybe you can find a getaway spot not to far from home like we have at the Lake.It's great when you just feel like relaxing for a few days with the Grandboy and lazing the day away in the pool or lake.. then at night you can actually see stars again. Glad to hear you son likes his new room, that is always something important to a child. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna....

  2. Well, City Guy, you have what you've been wanting all along. Rejoice. However, the RV bug is in you and it will never let go. You'll get your chance again.

  3. Maybe you guys can get out on the weekends with the fiver or trade the fiver in on something smaller now that you are not fulltiming. Remember, you can take the City Boy out of the City but you can never take the RV Life out of that same City Boy. The RV bug is within both you & Patti forever now. All the best to Patti in dealing with & recovering from these down medical days. Nice to have your Son with you eh.........AL:))

  4. Just a note to say congrats.!!

    We have a very close friend who has had lupus, or at least from the time it was finally diagnosed, for more than 20 years. She is doing better now than then. So many new ways to treat Lupus. Keep trudging on...

  5. Time does fly It seems just yesterday I was still in the Army doing patrols in Bosnia but man that's was almost 12 years ago. Wow where did 12 years go?

    My favorites are:
    shooting(not hunting)
    and www.all-rite.com