Jul 17, 2011

A Week in a Room

It is almost over by now, but it wasn’t easy, and still is not. Last W/E before the court hearing next week, and a lot of stress and tense are building up. Also, being a whole week in an empty hotel room was not adding to the fun. Another break in life on the way to some new ‘Normal’ life.
Our Hotel

A Week a Room and a Kid

Our HotelSaturday, July16th, 2011 – I think what saved me is the work that picked up a little, otherwise I would have gone completely crazy. Just being in one room for so long is not an easy task. Our new routine is this: My son plays all night on the computer. I wake up at around 8:00am and making coffee, as my son is falling asleep.
Our HotelI stay on that chair and work until 3:00pm or so, fighting with the bad Internet, and with all the tasks I have to do. At about 3:00pm I am getting hungry, and my sons wakes up. We then go to eat something, trying to pick a different type of food every day. After dinner, we would go back to the room, talk or listen to music a little, until I will go to bed and my son will start his nightly day.
Not much fun, huh? but not too much choice either. Can’t go out of the state of CA. Just waiting for the big news on Tuesday, hope that this will be the happy ending I am waiting for.
So this is just a short update while we are waiting… All the pictures are taken here in the hotel using the phone camera.


  1. Hopefully all will go well and you guys will be headed home this week. We are praying for a favorably result for you. It will be worth it in the long run. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

  2. We've been away from you for a while -- will have to catch up on your life. Hate motels!

  3. Sending hugs and lots of positive vibes for the hearing. I feel confident that things will work out!