Jul 2, 2011

Adjusting to gray

Closing 2 weeks in my new home. The RV is still in the shop, didn’t even get the estimate done. The house is still empty, and the sky are still gray. once a week the sun peeps out and this is a state holiday in WA. The main moves are behind, now we just need to get my son home, and the belongings from around the country
WA_House 012
WA_House 005Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 – So a whole week is gone in the new house, but not much happened. The days are dragging by, staying by myself most of the day. Work is picking up a little, and that helps passing the time.
My typical day starts at about 8:00am. Sometimes I will wake up a little earlier and sit with Patti to have a morning coffee before she is running out to work. Then I am by myself for the next 8 hours or so. I will cleanup the kitchen, make some fresh coffee, take care of Diva and sit down to work.
WA_House 009Patti comes home at around 5:00pm and usually starts dinner. Not the she has to, but she loves cooking and does not want to give it up. By 6:30pm we sit down to eat, and by the time we are done we have couple hours or so before it is bed time again. Patti would usually watch cooking shows on TV, or relax from her busy day. I might catch up with customers that just wake up in their part of the world, or just sit with Patti watch her watching TV.
The house is still empty and I think we will get the furniture only by the end of next week. In the meantime we are using an air mattress for sleeping, and couple plates to eat. That is enough to get by.
The move is going to be very expensive. Much more than I expected, and much more than what Patti’s company is willing to reimburse. I believe that by the time we will get all our belongings here, we will scratch the $10K in moving expenses.

I have got an office

WA_House 001The only rooms in the house that are equipped to be used are the master bedroom (well, air mattress) the kitchen (the appliances were there before), the dining room (an old table they left behind, with a table cloth and two folding chairs). That’s it. The rest is empty.
Up until Tuesday, the only sitting place was the dining room table. Eat, work, have coffee, everything. Last weekend we bought a new desk at Office Depot, so on Wednesday it finally arrived.
It took me good 5 hours to assemble the desk and the hutch, but now I have another room I can work in. Actually I am spending most of my day in this room. Because the sky are almost always cloudy, the room is usually dark to the point I need to use lamp in order to work, even in the mornings. I love natural light, so that’s a bummer, but I believe like everything else – I will get used to it too.
So here is the story in pictures of building it up:
WA_House 001 WA_House 003 WA_House 006
WA_House 007 WA_House 010 WA_House 011
WA_House 001

4th of July Weekend

WA_House 004Actually the weekend did not start right. Patti went to work on Friday with a migraine, and did not feel good at all. She did not sleep well through the night either, and today (Saturday) she is still fighting a headache. The ironic thing is that this two days are blessed with the rare occurrence of clear skies without a cloud and a perfect weather.
Having such a short summer in this area (summer is characterized with clear sunny warm days in my dictionary) and so many beautiful parks and attractions to see, I was hoping to go somewhere together. Tomorrow supposed to be rainy again, and Monday.. well – that is too far in advance for them to predict. They say sunny, but who knows. I will cross my toes.

What’s next?

WA_House 005I am planning to fly to MN by mid July to supervise the loading of the truck. That will make it a little easier to live, I suppose, can’t even remember what I got out there.
With my son – as you know, the attempts to resolve the issue in a good way have failed. I did not give up, and still trying to do the right thing. Hope to be able to report some happy results soon.
The RV is still in the shop. The damage was bigger than I imagined, and they need to tear it apart just to give an estimate. I did not hear from them yet. Hope for good news. I miss my RV, the freedom the hikes … withdrawal symptoms…

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  1. I do like that big corner desk you got there. I don't think I would do well living with so many back to back gray days. And your right about the withdrawl symptoms. I go through that every summer between trips. Yes, it's nice to have a home base alright but not for a whole 6 or 7 months at a time!! Just too much beautiful country out there to see instead of sitting around in a house for months at a time. Oh well, sometimes things just are because they are...........