Aug 10, 2011

Last Episode for the Season

I am debating and thinking about it for some time. Deciding one way and then changing my mind again, and again, and once more. I think that finally I got to a conclusion – I am not going to continue with blog, at least for now, and its current format.
NorthCascadeNP 210

A lot has happened but nothing to say

NorthCascadeNP 015Wednesday, August 19th, 2011 – Many things have happened since my last post. We had a friend from work staying with us for a weekend with his family. They are from Germany and visiting the US. We visited couple national parks together and even hiked together. I also flew to Minnesota and we finally got all of our belongings back. More about it in a second, but I would like first to get to the main point.
NorthCascadeNP 009When we started our Full Time RVing life it was a very special experience. We drove around  and had a lifestyle that was so exciting that I felt I would love to share it. Where we are, how it is to live in an RV, and how can we mix RV life with work and other aspects of life. I started by just sharing our trip map, with photos and stories about the places we have been to, but before I knew it, the format became a full blog.
NorthCascadeNP 304Many RVers are blogging, because it is interesting, exciting and special. But I did not see too many people blogging about the ‘normal’ stuff. A blog without a backbone. Some blog about cooking, or photography or other hobby they might have. Some are blogging about a concept or idea they are passionate about, and many others are blogging about professional and technical subject.
NorthCascadeNP 002The point is – I feel I lost the thread of my blog. I have nothing to blog about - as a subject – not as a content… Yes I can share my life experiences as I raise my son, eat dinner or work, but this is not a subject for a blog. This is something you share on Facebook (Or Google+).
NorthCascadeNP 043So here I am, living in a house in a town, raising my son and working. Patti is working too and we are adjusting to be ordinary again. I still drive around and see all those RVs and think – that used to be me, and I miss it, but for the meantime – I need to wait until we have our chance again, and maybe revive this blog.
For now, I think the blog is going to hibernate. Since I enjoy blogging, I might find another subject in a different format to blog about, and if I do – I will tell you here in this blog about it.


OlympicNP 063


Catch up

OlympicNP 022So just before I go, let me try to catch up and see where things are standing.
I just came back from MN with all of our belongings. It is all unloaded and we are slowly putting everything in place. Many things got ruined from water and mold, like our bed and mattress, so we need to get a new bedroom set for us now. That basically puts the house in shape, and take us out of the temporary living mode we were until now. Still lots of work to do, but slowly we are getting there.
OlympicNP 058My son is adjusting to his new life, and Patti and I are adjusting to him too. Next week I will enroll him to high school, and by the end of this month he will start his new school year with his new friends in a new place.
OlympicNP 113And me? I am working most of the time in my home office. I spend the afternoons with Patti and my son, still trying to develop my routine and find new interests locally. Maybe I will join some photography club, or the local synagogue.
OlympicNP 188The last weekend of July we had a friend come in from Germany with his family, and stayed with us for for the weekend. We had great time together – they arrived just in time for Friday night dinner and saw me blessing the wine and the Challah bread while reciting for the Shabbat. The next day we drove to North Cascades National park and took couple hikes there. One of them was extremely hard for me – we climbed non-stop for 3-4 hours until we got to a point where there was so much snow and mud, that we had to turn around and come back. The views were amazing though and I am sure I lost a pound or two as well …
On Sunday we visited the Olympic National Park, west of Seattle. Here again, we took a hike, but it was much shorter and easier. Most of the pictures in this post are from those two hikes.
OlympicNP 320

Keep In Touch

For now, I am not 100% sure what I am going to do regarding blogging. I might post from time to time when we go for a vacation with the RV or have a special event, so you are welcome to keep me on your following list. One thing for sure – I will go back to Full Time RVing, and I will resume posting to this blog once I do.
OlympicNP 209
In the meantime – you are more than welcome to become friends with me on Facebook, or better yet – on the new and emerging social site – Google+
So – Keep in touch!


  1. Sorry to see you are putting the series on hiatus but glad you guys have a place to call home. Let me know when you come for the boat. You can stay with us.

  2. We for sure will watch for your updates, and maybe catch you on Facebook or Google +, I know what you mean about bloggers block, sometimes it's really tough to maintain a daily blog. Good Luck in all your endeavors. Be safe out There, Sam & Donna.....

  3. Know what you are saying about trying to keep the blog going or looking for new directions. I wrestle with that all the time as well. All the best Motty & we will keep an eye out for you. All the best to Patty.

  4. Are those Photos from your trip or did you find them on the internet? I ask because the images are very cool shots and amazing captures. I have a friend that works for All-rite and he takes some cool shots but his latest work was at the last nasa launch.

  5. I'm very sorry to hear that you decided t quit this blog. I was following your posts and enjoyed them a lot. But it's your decision, so good luck anyway!