Nov 12, 2010

Still Alive

Believe it or not – I am still alive!! It has been a loooong while since I last published my blog. So many things have happened that it would be so hard to even remember everything, but I will sure try.

HTC 051

PA Adventures

We always end up somehow in this state. We started our journey here last year and we are back here. The beauty and wilderness of this state with the rivers and mountains are a big draw for us. I n particular NEPA (North Eastern PA).
New Hope, PAThe month of September was still pleasant and between errands and chores we had many visitors. Patti’s oldest son who lives an hour away cam and visited us few times. Then my two oldest daughters from Israel came over. They stayed with us through mid October and did some sight seeing and lots of shopping. We even took a full day and took the bus to Manhattan for a 5th avenue shopping. Not exactly my type of entertainment, but when you have two girls in this age – 18/19 – you can’t get away with it.
Camping at Secluded Acres We also took couple trips to New Hope, a picturesque town East of Philly and several outlet malls in the are.
Most of the the time we stayed at Secluded acres, a campground just East off Scranton and West of Wallenpaupek lake. close to lake Ariel. peaceful and secluded we find our peace of mind in this part of the world. It is just too bad they don’t get Verizon phone service in this area.
Visit to NYC

Getting ready

The girls left us on Tuesday the 12, and went back home. It was a great wonderful time with the girls but also time for us to catch up on everything and start getting ready to move south. We wanted the unit to be ready this year and learning from last year tour we decided to install some extras to make our life easier.
PA Fall 2010First – we installed a cellular active signal amplifier and WiFi range extender, adding two antennas to our roof. We also added an antenna for the satellite radio (hooked on the Highway).
Next we added an inverter and couple more batteries. That should keep us overnight with power just in case. That could hold our computers and basic usage, but we still needed to keep the unit heated, so we added a valve outlet for propane space heater, and got a new LP Space heater.
In the meantime while they are fixing all of that we stayed at Days Inn in Dunmore. At the end of a long week it was all ready to go. We now have solar panels with inverter, A generator and all we need for dry camping. Including an improved communication equipment. See how it will all work together.

Get Moving

We picked up the unit and never looked back. We were on the way south.
We headed south.  Where? we didn’t know. We didn’t even care.  The direction was KY area as a first stop. We drove through Pennsylvania and Maryland. You think it is a small state? Drive it East to West – that is a pretty long and beautiful drive. In the evening we approached WV and decided to stop. Hey – we have an inverter, right? so we can stop anywhere! Yeah! this is what I call freedom! Stopped on the side of the road by the welcome center parking area, testing our new equipment. And guess what - It all seem to work just fine. This is great!

Kentucky Tales

HTC 061Next morning we got up, got some coffee and hit the road again. Patti found a campground for us by Morehead. KY where we stopped for a week. We did not do much in this area. Still in catch-up mode Smile but we needed this time. The campground was still decorated for Halloween but we missed the party.
HTC 068I started to ride my bike again and hope I can continue and do that. Generally we are getting into this healthy mode. Trying to buy only healthy food, fruits vegetables, fish, granola and yogurt. No frying, no cholesterol, no saturated fat. See how it goes. Patti’s challenge is to make healthy diet food that taste good. So far – she is doing pretty good.

Getting caught up

We stayed 4 nights at the outpost before we packed up and move on. Next stop is Cave City. This is a Passport America campground that has wonderful and very friendly owners, and great Internet and phone reception. They are 10 minutes away from Mammoth Cave NP and they are pretty cheap (with PA Rates = $100/week). So where is the catch? Well, the sites are very close and there are is privacy. As long as you do not have immediate neighbors it is not that bad, but if you do – it gets a little crowded, especially in the W/E.
Fall_2010 069Since the Internet and phone reception are so good, and the rate is great we decided to stay here until we get caught up with all the computer work we have. We arrived here on Nov 2nd, and still here. Trying my best to finish everything so that we can have more time on our journey south. It looks like we are getting there and hopefully next week the pressure will calm down. Part of life Full-Time RVing while you still full-time working, so no complaints.
So I tried to put almost two months in one blog. Sure I missed a lot of details, especially from the time the girls were here and Allen’s birthday (Patti’s son) but we did not do much this summer and fall. and maybe it is a good thing – it is just a normal life in an RV. Get up, work, cook, go to the store, you know the regular stuff except we are doing it on wheels.
Fall_2010 070To be honest – it is not bad at all. If you have a unit that you like – it is even fun! and since we upgraded to this last unit we are very happy.Much easier to do everything. From cooking or working to taking a shower.
So that is pretty much what we did p until yesterday. and today, you are asking… Well – Today we actually did something else. I will try not to keep you curious for too long, but that is for my next posting. Maybe even tomorrow, Who knows.


  1. nice to have you back keep on writing.(Dror)

  2. Found your blog through some other RV-Dreams folks. We are about to hit the road full-time, but also working more or less full-time. Let's say we need full-time income, but working on more flexible work times. Nice to find someone else in a similar situation. Looking forward to reading more!