Nov 20, 2010

Rain is a Good Thing

Rain makes corn, Corn makes whiskey…You can’t say you visited Kentucky without visiting a Bourbon Distillery. And what distillery says Bourbon more than Jim Beam. So today we visited the site and the visitor center, and let me tell ya, wherever there is alcohol there is fun and good time.

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Balancing out

Remember me talking last week about balancing Full time Job and Full Time Rving life? (here) Trying to ‘walk the talk’ we were busy all week waiting for the weekend to come. And it did!

Saturday, November 20th, 2010 – Beautiful Saturday morning. Woke up slowly to a fresh brewing coffee taking our sweet time to absorb the sun rays through our back living room window.

Jim Beam Bottle – Kentucky Straight Bourbon WhiskeyJim Beam distillery is about 65 miles north of us just south of Louisville off of I-65. They have tours through the site and the house of the old man, and we got just on time to start the tour. Our guide – Britney told us everything about the plant, about the whiskey and about herself… Not sure how much whiskey they drink a day, but I know her birthday, her husband, their history and some…

Jim Beam is the number one selling Bourbon in the world, and it is owned and operated by the family over 200 years. We learned that there is much more to Jim Beam beyond the White and Black Label. Two labels that worth mentioning is the Red Stag – a sweet dessert whiskey that is diffused with cherry flavor, and the other one is Bookers – 128 proof – this is fire in a bottle. They actually have the ‘Small Batch’ labels that are sole on site and throughout KY.

The still house at Jim Beam DistilleryIn our tour we visited one of the warehouses – an old steel building that was built by Mr. Beam himself. It holds 20,000 barrels 9 story high. Lots and lots of this golden liquid in this place. But this is only one of many warehouses they have, and considered one of the smaller ones… Imagine that!

We were back early afternoon, around 4:00pm, just enough time for me to ride my bike while Patti visited Wal-Mart in Glasgow, 10 miles away. I also built an enforcement to the hanging rod in our closet. Our clothes are just too heavy for this rod. It looks sturdy, hope it will hold the load.

Jim Beam Store at the Visitor Center

No special plans for tomorrow, and Tuesday we are planning to move south again after staying here 3 weeks, no idea where yet, . In between – on Monday – it is Patti’s Birthday, no idea what or where we are going to do yet. do you see the thread?

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  1. This was a wonderful tour, very interesting to go to the Jim Beam distillery, and learned alot