Nov 26, 2010

The week that it was

A little bit of good and a little bit of bad, a bunch of this and a munch of that. RV Life brings challenges to life but lots of excitement too. Dealing with holidays and health are just some of the everyday challenges of RV Life.

Thanksgiving 014

Health and Full time RVing

When Patti was diagnosed with Lupus, we knew that there might be times that she will have flares and need some medical attention, but we decided not to let this disease interfere with our life, and our way of fighting it back is by continuing to be happy, positive, enjoy life and do what we love to do.

It was this last Sunday when Patti told me she got sours in her mouth and feels a flare is coming, and she was right. The flare has developed and strong muscle and joint pain started, followed by bladder infection, constant fatigue and pain – Not fun.

It’s a big decision to go on the road with this kind of disease, but we say – Life Won! Sure you want to make sure your Doctor is aware of the situation and willing to support in case of an emergency. That means that if something happens you should be able to communicate with the Dr. or his office and get immediate attention without the need for a visit. It also means that anywhere we go, we need to make sure that there is a hospital in a reasonable distance, and we know where it is.

Patti called her Dr. and he prescribed her a special kind of pill that was just approved by the FDA for Lupus and suppose to help Patti go through the flare.

Happy Birthday Patti

Patti spent most of the day in bed, watching Christmas movies. But Monday was Patti’s Birthday! We can’t let this birthday pass in bed, so in the afternoon we drove to Bowling Green and drove up and down the main street looking for a nice restaurant. There are many restaurants on this road, and after a short while Patti chose Long Horn, Western style steak house.

We had great dinner. They do have nice menu and high quality food. They first served Patti’s steak well-done instead of medium but not only did they take it right away and served a new perfectly cooked steak, but also gave the whole dish for free. Now this is what I call customer service!


Week is turning better

Thanksgiving 004We planned to move this Tuesday further south toward Nashville, but since Patti did not feel the best – we decided to stay here one more week. That is four weeks in this campground. Not bad!

Flares can last weeks sometimes, and can cause lots of damage to the body, but it seems that the pills that the Dr. gave, combined with rest, lots of drinking and the strong will power of Patti – all helped. Patti feels much better, and all ready for Thanksgiving. So much better she feels that she climbed the roof and cleaned our fantastic fans covers and seals.

Holidays Family and Full Time RVing

When traveling and living full time in an RV it is impossible to celebrate all the holidays with family, so we choose the most important ones and the rest we just do ourselves or with friends that we meet on the way. That’s what we did last Passover and Christmas.

This year we decided to celebrate Christmas with the kids so for Thanksgiving and Chanukah we are on our own. We may fly to Israel for Passover this April, but this is way too far in advance for us.

Out Private Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 011

Cooking a whole turkey for just the two of us was too much, so the next best thing was to cook couple Cornish Hens. Together with that on the menu was Smashed red-skin potatoes, mashed squash, Sweet potatoes, amazing Italian style stuffing, freshly baked dinner rolls, home-made cranberry side dish and of course – pumpkin pie.

Thanksgiving 007Needless to say – delicious -  deliziosi !!

We opened a red wine (Game Red from our friend John at Birdsong Winery) – perfect romantic thanksgiving dinner.


The morning after

One holiday is over and two more at the doorstep. It is Chanukah next Wednesday, and Christmas is approaching. We plan to drive north to MN for Christmas, so instead of driving south, we are staying where we are and will continue south after we come back. We might continue to TN next week, but that’s about it.

Lots of left-overs from last night so there is time for other ongoing errands around the house. We started the day with cleaning and vacuuming the whole RV, this is when you get to appreciate your central vac system :).  Patti took Diva this morning to the vet to get her gums checked, we think she is getting some gum disease, so it got to be taken care of. And me? I am back to my computer work... If it will not be too cold or rainy I will take my bike ride later today. Oh - We actually started our day with some snow flurries, our first snow this season. The snow was already gone by noon, but it was a nice refreshing look for the season.

First snow for this season in Cave City, KY


  1. Safe travels & happy holidays to you both!

  2. Thanks for sharing, today. This hit home. I have the same worries. You are right, choose life!! I stayed at singing hills twice in the last 3 months. Small world.

  3. Motty

    I like your blog, it is intersting and does the job of telling your life story very well.

    I admire yours and your wife's efforts to keep going and enjoy life despite the difficulties you had mentioned.

    We has a pretty nice Thanksgiving dinner ourselves (photos on facebook...ofcourse)

    Best of luck and and safe travel!