Sep 18, 2010

From Fast to Feast in a Day

It was Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, today. A very holy day for the Jewish people, a day of fasting. It also happen to be the day Patti decided to make her first recipe of Julia Child - boeuf à la bourguignonne, or in its more common name - Beef bourguignon. It did not make fasting, easy, I can tell you that, but it was a very happy ending for both.

YomKippur 009

Adjusting to our new home

Secluded Acres Sunday, September 12th, 2010 – It was already late afternoon when we arrived Secluded Acres – a hidden campground west of lake Wallenpaupak. We know this campground very well, as Patti stayed here last year, in our 27’ Dutchman when I was in Germany (the picture on right). Patti already talked to Trish the campground manager and reserved us site 116 – just behind the office, where WiFi is still accessible. I think we were at the same exact spot here last time. The driveway to the campground is a gravel road and the rain that they had earlier caused the mud to stick and paint our truck and trailer with a white coat.
Secluded Acres Campground
Monday, September 13th, 2010 – Lovely fall day. Sun was shining as I hooked up the hose and cleaned the truck and the RV. Nothing too detailed, just to get the mud and dust off. This unit does look good to us, and we are so happy and excited and still discovering new little features here and there. Oh, There is still one button that we are not sure what it is. We couldn’t figure that one out yet. Inside the coat closet there is a switch that looks like a light switch but says Hot water. This is in addition to the hot water switch on the main control panel. The switch on the main panel is on, and this is off, and we do have hot water. No idea what that one is :)
Secluded Acres 001 We drove this afternoon to Wal-Mart and Home-Depot trip in Honesdale, about 13 miles away from us, and bought groceries and all kind of household and hardware items for the new home. Hooks, table cloth, wires, …stuff. Diva on her double decker pillow seatWhen we came back it was too late to put anything away, but we have time. The activity with my new company is growing, and the amount of time I have to put is growing too, so we have to dedicate time for that first.
In the following days we slowly put things away, and even took a series of pictures to memorize our happy time with the new home. Most of those pictures are on Facebook, and some of them are right here in a funny collage. Diva, our pom, already found her favorite spot on the couch is controlling the world around her from the heights of her Double Decker pillow seat.


The Fast and the Feast

Friday, September 17th, 2010 – Erev Yom Kippur – Day of atonement Eve. I am not an orthodox Jew, and not exactly observing all the rules and laws, but this year I decided I am going to observe this special holy day, and I a going to fast.
Most of the week was rainy around here, and we were busy setting the RV up, getting work done, cleaning and getting organized. It is so different to have a big refrigerator, a big kitchen, lots of storage and cabinets in the kitchen, makes life easier, and food tastier. Tonight was a leftover night from meatballs and some filled pasta Patti made yesterday. Just before dark I had a cup of tea and that was the last I ate.
This day is all about asking for forgiveness. From God, and from friends. So here I am, asking for forgiveness from you, just in case I hurt you. I am trying to be a good person, I truly am, but like anyone else I am not perfect – I am far from it. So if I did fail – I am so sorry. I did not really mean to hurt you, would you forgive me?
YomKippur 002 Saturday, September 18th, 2010 – Slept late today. As late as I could. I think it was 12:30 when I finally got up. Oh, I needed that extra sleep. I also decided that I am not working today, so the computer was off and not much to do. Patti was cooking from early morning,. She wanted to make this special dish that made Julia Child so famous. Don’t get me wrong – she got both books and going to master the French cuisine, but this is a start. Now - when you do not eat – the smell of cooking foods is not exactly helping, reminds me of someone who just quit smoking and people smoke around him. And this food – oh did it smell good, hmmm. The beef is only one part – the second is a French bread that was put for rising in the bedroom just under my nose.
Woke up, and did not have coffee. No tea either.I am going to make it without eating today, because I believe it is important, so I didn’t eat or drink anything, sat outside and enjoyed the sunny day, had some time to think about life, me, us, the universe, you know the big things… watched Patti cooking and smelled the good food cooking on the casserole dish on the stove top.
YomKippur 011The days moved slowly and the evening finally arrived. When it was dark outside, the food was almost ready. The bread was getting its last tan in the oven. I had a cup of tea (I love those Peach flavored tea) and not before long the food was on the table.
Ou La La! that was good! very good. Perfect Beef bourguignon over potatoes with peas and with fresh French baguette hmmm yummy. Got very full I think I am ready for yet another fasting day.


  1. Motty & Patty, I used to go to a dirt outlaw race track called Lake Moc-a-Tek Speedway when I was a teenager back in the 60's strictly stock old cars, 6cylinders and flat head v8's no OHV 8 allowed, my brother and I had an old Buick straight eight that we used to race just about the whole race in second gear.My family was from Dunmore PA. which is a borough of Scranton.Hope I cam get a visit in when I get up there in October, they have great Pizza where my sister is living. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  2. Motty and Patti, you rig is beautiful, and so are you guys. Would love to get my teeth around that beef dish! Not the whole dish, of course, just a small bowlful!