Jun 8, 2011

The unfulfilled Itch

Time is playing games with me. Some days are as long forever twice, and some days are as short as few seconds. Being on the fence plays with mood, with time and with life in general. The slow down on work doesn’t help to fill the days with smile either.
Ortega Maountains Hwy 74

New Dad To Old Child

My son palys computer gamesSaturday, June 4th, 2011 – I am re-learning to be a parent. Both myself and my son who joined me couple months ago are adjusting to each other and getting to know each other better. It has many great moments, but some tense and frustration that any parent of my teenager in the world has experienced. You know, the ‘Normal’ stuff – The ‘your generation doesn’t know nothing, and can’t understand it’ is just one example. When you were young you didn’t have …. This is how everybody are dressing nowadays. and the best one – ‘I am a ‘Gamer’ it is in my blood, this is a different type of personality you never knew because it is new…
This last statement is a response to attempts to get my son do something other than playing computer games. On the computer, on the XBOX, every free minute of his day. Any ideas there?
Still the place I call HomeSo anyways – I was happy when on Saturday (after the refrigerator incident) he agreed to go visit with friends. I drove him down to a friend’s house, and drove back to the RV, cleaning and washing the RV from the inside out. When my son finally called me to pick him up, it was already 9:00pm. I jumped in the car and drove towards the campground exit. But guess what? The road was blocked! I knew they closed the road at night during the weekdays, but they just decide to change it and close it everyday, including weekends. So with Hwy 74 (Ortega Hwy) blocked, I had to drive all the way around – that is almost 2 hours drive each way! That was a looong night on the road.
We did not do anything special this weekend. Can’t even remember Sunday, it went so fast. Monday was somewhat tensed between us, and the fact that I have absolutely no active project worries me and doesn’t add to the overall positive mood, if you know what I mean.


Ortega Maountains Hwy 74Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 – I thought I will not make a big deal out of it, and just let it go. Tuesday was Shavuot eve. Shavuot is a Jewish holiday exactly 7 weeks from Passover, and one of the traditions of this holiday is to eat dairy products and drink wine (Cheese and wine). On the way back from school we stopped at the grocery store and bought some nice cheese like Brie, the laughing cow, Boursin, and Camembert. To accompany this variety we got Ritz crackers  and a vegetable tray. For dessert we got a strawberry cheese cake and drove home. No dinner cooking tonight – it is a free cheese bar day! I also had couple glasses of Zinfandel (no work, remember?) which contributed this time for the positive mood. To celebrate the night we decided to watch a comedy from Patti’s movie collection. We found the Yes Man, and sat and laughed together. The cheese cake was a perfect finale for the day, and by the time the movie was over it was bed time anyways.
Wednesday, June 8th, 2011 – I am expecting an Interesting day today. Couple things suppose to happen – first, I need to take the RV to the shop so they fix the valves, and second – my son is going to go to his mom’s house while I am waiting for the RV, and while there, he should try to talk to her about moving in with me. Maybe if it comes from him directly, it will be more convincing.
Ortega Maountains Hwy 74After dropping my son at school this morning I drove back and started to get the RV ready to move. This is the first time I am doing both the inside and the outside. Usually Patti is taking care of the inside while I fold everything outside. I had to find place for all the knickknacks and the fragile decorations we have. I think I did fine, we will see tonight when I reopen everything again.
It did not take me more than 30 minutes to be hooked up and ready to go, but it did bring back the memories of the excitement of going to a new place from one campground to another. As I pulled out with the RV, I felt this pinch in my heart, looking back into the happy travel days, sweet memories, that will have to be dormant for sometime now. Like a Hitch Itch that can not be fulfilled.
IMAG0117After about 45 minutes drive I arrived RV Giant service center and unhooked the RV. They thought it would be something simple, and within an hour or two I will be ready to go, but just an hour ago I got a phone call that one cable cracked and the other one got loose, and they need to install a new assembly. this is going to be a $700 bill.
I am not sure what to do – The gray water valve worked just fine before they touched it a month ago, and although the black water valve got damaged in KS, I never had a problem with the cable. They have just replaced the valve a month ago, but I can not prove that they caused it… They tried to call the extended warranty company but they will give an answer only tomorrow. Well – I need my home back!
IMAG0119I told them to fix it anyways, and if not approved I will have to pay the bill. Now I need to cross my fingers and wait for the answer tomorrow. Once ready, I still need to drop the RV in the campground and go get my son from his mom’s house, and it is already 4:00pm. Lost a full day.
Sitting at a coffee shop and trying to pass the time waiting for the RV to get fixed, reviewing everything that happened since Saturday, and writing this blog. At least to this point…

Coming back home

Cordova Valley, Mission Viejo4:30pm, the service manager called - the rig is ready. I was only 5 minutes away. stepped in, hooked it up and drove back to the campground. I still have to drop the RV, go and get my son and drive back, before 8:30pm when they close the road. I think I still have time.
It took me about an hour and a half to get the Ortega Oaks. My backup skills are still in shape as I put the RV rig on the stop in one single maneuver, Even I was impressed. Actually – only I was impressed – there was no one else there. Connected electricity and sewer, didn’t even open or try the valves yet. With the slides still in, I left the RV as is, turned around and drove to town.
My son was not home, he said when I text him, he is with his mom at the public library. No problem – library it is. Readjusting the GPS (my Google navigation on my android) and driving to the library. Full scan of the library room by room yield nothing. Could not find anyone resembling my son or his mother. Texting again – Where are you know? – On the way, he replied. I must have just missed them. Ran out jumped back in the car and headed towards his mom’s house. 4 minutes and I was there. No I did not drive like a maniac, but she lives few blocks down the road. There was no one home.. but as I stopped she just pulled in.
Mission ViejoDidn’t have tome to say anything, gave a quick hug to my daughter while my son jumps in, and we were on out way back home. So how was it? I asked. What was said? Well, said my son, we talked a lot, I presented all my points, but there is no decision yet. She is closer to decide and I think she considers it positively. That’s it? I asked. Yep. He replied. That was it.
This is the first time my son is actually participating in setting the RV. I showed him the procedure, and where to look before you open the slides, when he said – good thing you showed me because there are fruits on the floor that would become fruit mush it you would have open the slides. He picked them all – first mistake in setting the inside. Net we found 2 broken cups on the floor. Must have forgotten those somewhere. last – I found my computer mouse in 3 pieces on the floor – the main part, the battery cover and the batteries. Good thing it didn’t break, but I have to exercise more caution next time, and pay attention to details.
Crown Vally bridge over Cordova ValleyAfter maybe 30 minutes or so, the RV was back again to normal. Rugs, knickknacks, computers and all.How about another movie tonight, my son asked? Hmmm, why not, I thought to myself. – Sure! I said. We looked up the movies in the big Patti movie case, but we could not tell by the name what is each movie. I didn’t see most of them, My son Googled them up, and the decision was made – “The Cleaner” a comedy about a janitor who thought he is a CIA agent.
That was a nice closure for a long day. Tomorrow another 5:30am wake up. Got to go to bed!
~Good night

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