Jun 3, 2011

Slowly moving fast

When looking at our life in perspective, we are going through a huge change. From travel to stationary, from RV to a house, from telecommuting to Office work, from being just a couple to raising a child… really big changes in very short amount of time. but when you actually go through the process, the time seem to slow down as freezing the moments. Sometimes I feel I just want to be over with, and be done.
Rear View

Electrified Water anyone?

Sunday, May 29th, 2011 – It’s a long weekend. Looking back – we didn’t do much, just Ortega Oakstook the days slowly. My son playing on the computer and on what used to be my XBOX, and me? I just catching up on the endless house chores. Yesterday – on Saturday we drove to Patti’s Brother who lives about 40 miles north of us. Him and his FiancĂ© (he just proposed a week ago…) are very much into natural and healthy food. I even got to drink magnetized water and super Spinach that made me even stronger than Popeye.
Discussed some job opportunities, some mystic symbols in modern religion and all the weird stuff you can think of. I enjoy those brain storming talks and discussions, I don’t get to do them so often so it is nice and refreshing every time we meet. After a long visit, we agreed that they will come for Shabbat dinner this coming Friday. Lots of cooking to do ..
And the lever stays outMonday, May 30th, 2011 – The day did not start right. going to the washroom, I realized that the black tank is full. Half sleeping I went outside to open the valve and empty the tank. After pulling the valve handle, a gush of stinky material rushed through the hose making all kind of gargling noises, and leave a smell that makes no room for mistake. letting you know what you are dealing with. It it made no room for errorWhen the flow finally stopped and probably reduced the RV weight in half, I pushed the valve back in to close it. It went in too easy, and when I released it – woosh it popped back out like a spring. hmmm. pushing again and it pops again. Swish – swosh, Swish Swosh. this valve is playing with me.
Well – it will have to stay open for now.. Will have to call the shop again, they just replaced the valve, and this is the first time I try to use it. They might have installed it wrong. Another unnecessary trip next week.

From Doom to Great

OrtegaOaks 021Tuesday, May 31st, 2011 – A short week starts today. I am not sure if it is the stress buildup or missing Patti, or maybe everything altogether, but I woke up and saw an email from a client, asking to report my time. It was then when I realized that this month I hardly had any billable time. That worried me and shadowed my day, being concerned about all the upcoming expenses and the move. Later that day I heard one of my favorite county songs – ‘Sounds like life to me’. This was the point I decided that I am not going to be too worried about it, and just concentrate on getting more business. Ironically enough, I had a meeting today with a potential customer in San Diego, a meeting that I believe would bring a new customer in the near future. Just be positive! It will be just fine. That has always been my motto, and I just had to be reminded.
I called the RV shop and set an appointment for next week sometime. At least they remembered me, and willing to fix it free of charge!
Wednesday, June 1st, 2011 – Wow – it is actually June already! This is the last month we are here (I know I said it before, I know) and the last stages of the de-RV-tization process. Tonight I also suppose to meet with my ex, discussing my son’s future.
Ortega Oaks RV ParkThe schedule is all messed up today, as my son is going for a field trip with school to Knots Berry Farm , and will not be back till the evening. My daughter has a concert and I have to meet my ex at around 5:30pm. wow. busy day! Stopped at the ATM on the way to school to give my son some cash in his pocket so he can have some fun. came back home to do some laundry, cleaning, and some computer work.

Welcome to WA

Ortega Oaks RV ParkPatti sent me a message early afternoon – “Call me – it’s urgent”. Patti never uses the word urgent, and I got worried. She wouldn’t answer her phone and looking through my emails I found an email from progressive – “You can view your claim online”. This is not a good sign, I thought. An accident? Something happened to Patti?
After a long wait (of 10 minutes) Patti calls. They broke into her car in the middle of the day in the parking lot of her office. they broke the window for a stupid GPS. The police came right away, and Progressive gave a wonderful service, but I got to think – where are we moving to? I asked Patti, and she said – it is probably a bad luck. It never happened here before and this is considered a very safe area. I don’t know, if it is one in a million why can’t it be a lottery ticket for a change?

The Meeting

Later in the afternoon I drove back to town for ‘the’ meeting. I really did not have too many hopes from that meeting so I felt I don’t have much to lose. My ex was not surprised, and actually did not say no. We discussed the future of my son, the school, the father figure in his life, and the bottom line was – “I will think about it”. Now the firs reaction could be – hey! not too bad… at least it’s not a no… but knowing my ex, that could go both ways. It could be a honest request for some time to think about it, but it could also be a way to earn some time until I have to leave town, dragging the answer, and after I go just drop it.
My daughter's concert (Phone Quality)Knowing that my ex actually knew what I was going to talk about, she had enough time to be prepared for the concept, and learning from past experience, I am not so sure how it will turn out, but I still hope for the good. With all these change I need lots and lots of patience.
I stopped by my daughter’s school to see her play and rushed to pick up my son and drive back home. He was exhausted but full of experiences about this roller coaster and that roller coaster, and couldn’t stop describing how fun it was. The scarier the better! Didn’t take too long before he fell asleep.
OrtegaOaks 028Thursday, June 2nd, 2011 – Life are back to the temporary normal. The daily routine of waking up, making lunch, driving to school, stopping at the grocery store, driving back home, another couple loads of laundry, taking care of Diva, and finally sitting to work for couple hours. Then driving again to school, pick up my son and coming back home. Helping a little with homework, working a little more, cooking dinner, cleaning up… ufff
Patti’s car is back to normal. They actually came to her and fixed the car at her office. That is a great service I must say. We don’t have much bad to say about progressive. We are very happy with them so far. In the meantime Patti has already moved in to the new house and bought the necessities to start living. Some groceries, some cleaning supplies, an air mattress… and a TV. Necessities Smile (Easy to say for someone who rarely watch TV, huh?)
I found some time finally to sit down and write the blog, but I don’t have pictures… I will look for something, and try to publish it tonight or tomorrow morning.
Tomorrow is Friday and Patti’s brother and his FiancĂ© are coming over for Shabbat dinner. What’s on the menu? Can’t tell, They are reading my blog too… I will tell you next post.
So what’s for next week? I hope to get some progress with my ex wife regarding my son. I also hope to schedule movers to move all our stuff from the storage units in MN to WA. After 2 years who knows what condition are those boxes. On Monday they are going to install fast Internet and TV in the WA house, and… whatever comes – comes. Will see.

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  1. Hey Motti, you might have something that found it's way into the toilet, stuck in the valve, try pouring a 5 gallon bucket down the toilet with the valve open as fast as you can. or if your rig has a flush system hitch that up and let it run, the worst scenario is snaking a garden house up the line to the valve and flushing it that way. messy though.Hope you can get it going. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..