Mar 9, 2010

Wondering Borrego

After a long time of ‘sitting around’ we decided this is Outdoor time and went to couple hikes yesterday and today. We needed that so much, and enjoyed every bit of it. Happy to share it with you

The writing is on the Wall Rock

Monday, March 8, 2010 – Moving day today. We left Jojoba Hills and drove down south to the Borrego desert area, where Patti has found a nice and not so expensive campground right in Ocotillo Wells. We made the reservation while driving there. So typical :)
The drive was short and sweet, and we had a fast check-in process this time. The RV Park, Leapin’ Lizard has only 60 sites, all back-in, but they are spacious and not so crowded. Our site is on the edge, so our views from the back window are nice. The main problem here is connection to the world – no phone service (AT&T) , and limited access to the Internet. They use Hughes satellite Internet, so you can’t use large amount of data until after 11:00pm.
A nice neighbor was at the office at the time we arrived, and he told us about some attractions in the area. One of them caught our attention in particular, and that was the Pictographs of some Indian tribes who lived in the area some long time ago.

Wish we could have Boondocked

We drove to the East side of the park on 89 and too S2 south for couple miles. From there, the way was a gravel way about 5 miles to the site. Along that way we saw few Boondockers, but saw many more sites that are picture-perfect and isolated. Not too many people out here. I wish we were ready, but the way its going, our time on the road is limited, and we may have to go back to stationary living in a town. From country living on big acreage farms to apartment or tiny house in a crowded town. Yuck.

Grocery List

The hike itself was very cool. Climbing up the hill and back down to a great opening in between the mountains, on a cliff overlooking the valley. The views were spectacular. The Ancient writing? From what we understood, all it said is: “Honey Please buy some cold beer, it is very hot today”. Here is our PictoStory of the hike:
Pictographs 020

Here is a slideshow of the hike. Click the “Play” button to start

Palm Canyon – Round II

Tuesday, March 9, 2010 – This morning we had to go to the library in Borrego springs, to get some high speed Internet related tasks done. We arrived at about 9:30am and by noon we were done.
After a great day yesterday, we did not feel like going back to the RV, and since we were already in town, we thought we would take the Palm Canyon hike. I never got to finish the hike (with my kids couple weeks ago) and Patti loved the pictures Al from The Bayfield Bunch took, so – to the canyon we went.
The canyon was colorful and blooming, and the combination of the water, the flowers and the giant palms created a very peaceful and beautiful atmosphere. Yet another great hiking day!


  1. i found patti she was hiding behind the rock.

  2. Hi Guys, glad you enjoyed the Palm Canyon hike. The next canyon south of there is Hell Hole Canyon & it also has some nice Palms. That one is a free hike. We decided to leave Borrego today because of the winds, plus tanks needed dumping, etc. Across from Jilbertos is the Desert Nature Store & that's where they have all the info on jeep tours, hikes, photo classes, etc. Free:)) Be sure to drive up Montezuma's Grade for the views & the little mountain town of Julian is a nice drive too. Great blog pics....:)) AL