Mar 24, 2010

It’s a whole new ball game

Slowly but surely the lifestyle of full time employed has faded out and made room for a new era of unemployment or self employment whichever way you want to call it. The rules have changed, and so is our lifestyle.

The Shift

A while back, in July of last year it was the time when we decided to get an RV. Little did we know at that time that we are going to become a full-timers, but we did have a full time job, working as computer professional, telecommuting.
The recession did just good to us when we got our monthly pay, but had no projects to do. Practically we were paid to travel and enjoy life. At one point, the company had reduced our pay, but this was not enough. The party ended this January, and in the midst of the economy crisis, we found ourselves joining thousands others without a job.
We are not retired yet – still have many more years of work before we can retire, but the financial stability we had, this stability that allowed us to travel, and read and write blogs, and enjoy every day of the week – this is part of the past. We now have many more tasks to do, looking for projects, executing them, marketing ourselves and trying to get the business going.
We have even considered a full time job in an office. At one point, Patti was invited to an interview, and I have already planned my ‘city’ life in crowded suburb of expensive southern California. But it did not turn out. The manager who interviewed Patti was very arrogant and rude, and Patti decided she could not work in such environment.
So during the last month we were very busy creating a new website, marketing, searching and changing our lifestyle to a more modest, low key, yet very busy schedule.
It is still much better than living in a small house in a suburb of some town, and the travel is still very exciting, except it is in a slower pace. primarily on the Weekends.

The end of the South West

Spring is at the door – and Passover is next Monday!
We have gone as west as we can, and we are planning to start our third leg – northbound – next week.
In the meantime we are enjoying our time in the hot desert (high 80’s everyday, A/C is working overtime) of Anza Borrego, in SoCal.
I visited the Palm Spring Tram a little while ago with the kids, and lost my memory card with all the wonderful pictures and memories – so nothing to show for…
But I do have some pictures from this W/E where Patti and I hiked in the Coyote mountains and the wind caves – very close to the RV park we are staying.
Speaking of which – Leapin’ Lizard is a nice RV park located on the East side of Anza Borrego Desert State Park. It is very close to the Vehicular Recreation Area, so if you are into ATV and dirt bike – this is the place for you. The owner is really nice, but – no phone service, and the Internet service is not the best (to say the least). so I will have to wait with publishing this blog one more day, when we will go to Brawley to WalMart shopping, and get some decent Internet service.

So don’t give up on us

Although I might post less frequent – this is a true mixture of work and travel, with all the challenges and rewards it has. So stay with us, and let’s see where the wind is blowing – together!

Von Day

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 - The best place for Internet in the desert! a Grocery store!
They have Starbucks and free WiFi with a very nice sitting area. Fresh food deli for lunch, great A/C – what more could you ask?
So here are some pictures from our hike over the W/E


  1. Neat pictures of the desert! You guys will just keep on keeping on, you'll climb back up on top in no time, we are certain.

  2. Lots of great RVing days ahead of you yet. It was nice that you got to have a taste of it when you did. You now have a leg up on most other folks because you have experienced a lifestyle many never will. It will stand you in good steed for future decisions & it puts a whole set of options in your sack other folks won't have. Keep in touch & we may see you out there in the great southwest again. Good luck & don't you guys give up on your dream........... AL:))