May 2, 2010

Route 66 – Act II

I last told you how we just entered TX on Route 66. We still have long ways before we get back to AZ where HOME currently is. The drive through time was amazing by itself, but other side trips on the way made it even better.

Crossing TX in a day

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010 – Have you ever crossed TX East to West in one day? Well, depends where you are – it is possible. We were at the square top of the state, on the route (close to Route 40) and this path alone tool us the whole day.
Some of the towns in TX have created Museums and tributes to the route, even a Barbed wire museum – imagine that. There are so many places to mention and so many pictures to show, that I really don’t know where to start, or better yet – when to stop :)
This is a small collection of the pictures I took in TX.
Route66_TX 006Deserted Gas StationRoute66_TX 021Barbed Wire MuseumRoute66_TX 026Route 66 wall painting
Route66_TX 027   Deserted Downtown
Route66_TX 033 Restored Gas Station in McLean, TX
Route66_TX 064So typical to this part of the countryRoute66_TX 071Rest area on I-40 in TX 

The biggest Cross and a Leaning Tower

Route66_TX 080 In one of the towns on the way, Britten, TX we found the Pisa tower of TX. They built their water tower leaning intentionally to attract tourist, and it looks like they are succeeding as people are are stopping by and taking pictures. But this is not the main attraction of this town. They have built a HUGE cross with sculpture and spiritual center. Many people have stopped there and appreciated the size of the cross and the beauty of the sculpture garden. To have the full impact of that experience one must actually be there. Look at Patti by the cross. Amazing, isn’t it?
Route66_TX 096Patti is standing by the cross
A photographer can spend some time in this place, as the opportunities are endless. but here are just a few pictures from this location:

Buggies and Cadillac

If that is not enough, we have gone through two odd locations – The Beatle garden – 7 Beatles stuck in the ground nose down painted in all the rainbow colors, and the Cadillac Farm – 10 models of this famous car – one from each year (I thing the last was 74 but not sure) cemented forever in the middle of a farm field.
Route66_TX 117 Route66_TX 123
The Cadies
Route66_TX 175

Closing the state

So if you are not tired yet from all the photos, here are few more that I had to put in. I think that any more states in this blog will be an over kill, so I will keep NM and AZ to the next blog. Some nice surprises there too!
Route66_TX 208


  1. We've enjoyed parts of Route 66 in New Mexico and Oklahoma as well as Texas and Arizona. Seen some of the things you showed us, but not all of them. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  2. Texas, My Texas!! And Texas Proud of it :)Happy that you enjoyed it !!!!